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Welcome to my journey of self discovery, my new life in a small town 1000's of kilometers from my family and oldest friends. The joys of raising a toddler and all that it entails. The excitement of being a newly wed ...along with the trials and tribulations of being a military spouse!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 1 - Visiting in Alberta

Today was the first official day of our vacation in Alberta!  After getting up at 3:15am and making our way to the Toronto airport (I will skip the complaints of all the irritating stuff that comes along with boarding an aircraft.) With an on time departure of 6:30am we were up and on our way!  With a few bumps on our decent into the Edmonton airport,  we landed safely with only a 20 minute delay!

As you may have read previously, the big plan for the day was to  visit my friend/hairdresser for a long overdue haircut and style.... Mission accomplished with 18" of length lost in some places and 12" in others I am very pleased with the final results! Thank you Myrna!

Soon after my stop for a quick hair cut (that ended up taking 1.5hrs....chatting got in the way) I went to pick up the rest of my crew that I had left to have a leisurely breakfast at a neighborhood restaurant, and we were off on the last lag of our trip to our final destination 3hrs north. 

After our arrival some unwinding and unpacking we were off to a local hot spot for some dinner.  As hungry as I was my poor body was definitely craving some R&R!  Thank goodness for grandparents and dogs to entertain my daughter....R&R was easily achieved!

until tomorrow, good night all

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