Welcome one and all

Welcome to my journey of self discovery, my new life in a small town 1000's of kilometers from my family and oldest friends. The joys of raising a toddler and all that it entails. The excitement of being a newly wed ...along with the trials and tribulations of being a military spouse!

Joys of Potty Training

A few of the things I have learned trying to potty train our daughter

  1. They will decide....no matter how much you may think you are in control of the situation, don't kid yourself.
  2. Bribing does not work!
  3. You will do copious amounts of laundry!
  4. Listen to all the advise that you can get! you will need a support system...also helps to know you are not the only one going through this torture!
  5. Make it their idea! I have found that every time monkey needs to pee so does my daughter! I have stopped asking her if she needs to pee, rather I ask if her "fur real friends" baby monkey needs to pee....funny how the answer is always yes