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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cristmas crafting

So this year I have decided to make the majority of my Christmas gifts, in an effort to save some money and have some unique gifts as well.  At first I thought that I would just bake everyone some holiday goodies but then I had remembered my friend, and blog mentor Jen ( canadianrhapsidy.blogspot.com )  talking about making pre-made mixes to make things a little easier after the baby was born, and thought hey why not, gifts from a jar!

Now my creative juices were flowing and I was looking for ideas everywhere and thought hey why limit myself to just one item!  After thumbing through dozens of magazines and googling like crazy , I found a picture of a homemade holly ball (holiday cheer, was the magazine) and thought to myself why don't I make homemade Christmas tree decorations!

Once that one was done I decided to do another, because it only took me 5 minutes
#2 with 2 fabrics
Christmas ball #1

here is a photo of both the right way
These were the supplies   used
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To Create these, I cut a piece of cotton fabric large enough that it would wrap around the Styrofoam ball, I then used the string that I had chose as a decoration and tied it around the gather, then in a continuous strand around the ball for a decorative touch.  Using hot glue to secure it. to cover the hot glue spot I added embellishments. 

Each ball cost aprox. $4 to create, a far cry from the $10 - $25 dollars department stores are charging for a large scale ball!  Well worth the 5 minutes to make! 

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