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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making bread

My second attempt at making Bread...

Yes that's right I said second ...lol, to be honest my first attempt was with A recipe that was given to me by my aunt and I am quite sure she was just going by memory, however I think that the amount of yeast that she said to use was for a larger amount of bread, all I could taste was yeast......admittedly I don't think that I let the bread rise long enough, and also that you are supposed to kneed it in between rises.  Lesson learned!!! Shannon has no patience sooo she must use a quick rise recipe.

second 15 min rise
I should mention that I found the recipe on google when I was looking for a fast recipe, the recipe I used was the firmipam  2hour recipe

and now making pan buns

why not make some Cinnamon buns too!

  And now for the finished product!!!

Ooooh so yummy!

From start to finish including bake time this project took me 2hours and 25 minutes! Not to shabby for my second attempt

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